3 Steps Toward a Healthier 2021!

Wow! 2020 was a ride none of us could have expected. Now we are tackling 2021 with enthusiasm and hope for the future. Our health is top of mind with

the virus that’s sweeping the world impacting everyone, the quality of our indoor air has become even more important. When we couple that with increasing airborne pollution including chemicals, fumes, mold and other biohazards  — WE NEED AN ADVOCATE. Luckily, one of the world’s most renowned Indoor Air Quality experts is right here in Billings, Montana-Jim Pearson.

Jim is passionate about your health, wellness, and safety. That is why he has compiled some tips to help you live your healthiest life in 2021!

  1. Check your filters. We are all wearing masks these days and social distancing when possible, but what happens when we step through our own doorways? The air we are breathing in our own homes could also be detrimental to our health. In fact, studies show than homes and office buildings are almost always many times more polluted than the outdoor air.

A great way to combat this is to have your furnace and air ducts cleaned and inspected every 5 years. If you can’t remember the last time yours was cleaned; it is probably time to give us a call. Mention this blog for 10% OFF AmeriClean’s professional service and a free air filter check with your free estimate. Your lungs will thank you and so will your wallet from lower energy bills!

  1. Invest in a HEPA purifier. While there are several on the market, choose the larger models boasting lower low noise levels yet high CADR ratings (amount of air moved – 250 is minimum). Forget the bells and whistles, just run it on the higher settings and run it all the time. Should cost less than $200. 
  2. Take a walk. If you are not a fitness junky, there are still plenty of benefits from taking a 20 minute walk. While we won’t go into well-known benefits for your mind, your sanity, your heart, your muscles, and your mental well-being . . . we do want to mention the benefits it has for your lungs! As long as you are not walking next to a refinery, or through a forest fire, your lungs will get stronger from a daily walk. A strong respiratory system means less chance of getting a severe lung infection from things like pneumonia and viral or bacterial invasions. We could all use a lung boost right about now!

While this isn’t the holy grail for your personal best health, these tips should help you toward a goal of breathing cleaner air and having healthier lungs. Of course, our clean air expert at AmeriClean in Billings is available for any questions you may have. Give us a call 406-256-9111 or visit us online at www.americlean9111.com

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