Meet Jim Pearson

We Hype Him Up A Lot . . . But, Who is He?

Jim Pearson, CMH, is the President of Mold Inspection Services, Inc. and the CEO of AmeriClean. He started AmeriClean more than 40 years ago, and Mold Inspection Services over 25 years ago. Jim spends most of his time inspecting properties and providing expertise and services regarding mold and indoor air quality.

As a Certified Mechanical Hygienist (CMH), Jim is a world renowned Indoor Air Quality specialist, focusing on mold and chemical sensitivities. Mr. Pearson co-authored IICRC’s S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation in 2003 and remains involved as the Chair of the Standard’s Consensus Body updating and editing the ANSI Certified International document. He is also a 12-year Standards Writer for ASHRAE.

Jim is a frequent presenter at national technical seminars and a speaker at international industry conventions. He served two terms as an Officer and Director of the Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration, International (ASCR). He also served as the Chairman of the Environmental Council, a 75 year old organization.

Jim is a Past Director and President of the IICRC Council of Associations supporting over 50,000 Certified Cleaning and Restoration technicians. He has been retained many times as an expert witness in remediation, restoration, and environmental legal matters.

He is a contributing consultant to industry magazines and has authored hundreds of nationally distributed newsletters and procedural guides (many of which will be available on our website in the near future).

Over the years, Mr. Pearson has had more than a dozen feature articles published in ASCR’s Cleaning & Restoration Magazine, R&R Magazine, Alternative Medicine, & Claims Magazine.

Jim also has a book out on Amazon, “What’s all the Fuss about Mold?”

Mr. Pearson is Certified by the Montana Board of Realty Regulation as an instructor on environmental issues. He offers regular continuing education classes about mold to real estate professionals and property managers and is a Certified Lead Safe Instructor for the EPA.

Personal Life

Jim Pearson’s primary passion is helping families and businesses stay healthy and avoid health issues caused by poor indoor air quality. His body of work shows he is obviously dedicated to the Air Quality, Cleaning & Restoration Industry. Jim is a long-time resident of Absarokee, Montana and is an active musician with an astounding 40 year history as a professional entertainer with his band, The Nye Express. He loves animals, fixing things, and is very proud of his three children and seven wonderful grandchildren.

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