Hoarding Clean Out Services

Hoarding Clean Out Services in Billings

We have all heard of the show, “Hoarders”. It depicts some of the most extreme cases of hoarding in our nation. While most of us can sit back in disgust, we need to realize that hoarding is a very real mental illness with serious consequences. 

At AmeriClean, our goal has always been to help people and their families live their healthiest lives in their homes and businesses. The air we breathe is affected by the way in which we live. Breathing in old food, expired chemicals, and layers of dust atop the clutter can severely affect our health. 
AmeriClean is proud to offer Professional Hoarding and Cleaning in Billings and surrounding areas. When we provide a quote to help families dealing with hoarding situations, we understand that no two situations are alike. We evaluate the total amount of work, the hazards, and the overall time frame it will take to complete the job.
Some hoarding situations require a complete cleanout of the home, re-organization, sterilization, duct cleaning due to toxins that have been carried into the vents, and carpet cleaning. We respect our clients wishes and will perform as many of these tasks that are requested. We also work closely with professional organizers to help set you up for success as we move forward. 
Hoarding cleanouts in Billings are not as rare as many people may believe. We want to help you. Please call us!

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