AmeriClean Designated as "Essential Service" during COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Mandate

We are ESSENTIAL, because your Health & Safety is essential to us.

Americlean operates 24/7 providing emergency recovery services for disasters ranging from mold and sewer backups to structure fires. Because of this, and our broad cleaning and disinfection capabilities, we have been designated as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE PROVIDER by the state of Montana. We have been, and will continue to remain open for business during these very trying times.

AmeriClean has been cleaning and decontaminating your homes and businesses for the past 40 years. Your health and safety has always been our #1 priority. It is our very reason for being and our commitment is to YOU. We are essential because keeping you in a clean, safe, and healthy environment is essential!

While some of our general cleaning services may be curtailed by the “shelter-in-place” mandate, we are still cleaning:

  • businesses
  • churches
  • vacant apartments
  • other unoccupied properties

We always wear the required PPE while providing service…whether or not you are home because we must protect our clients. If you do have a need, whether general cleaning services, disinfection, or any emergency, please call our emergency service line (406-256-9111) ANY time and we’ll be there for you!