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Leading Biohazard Cleanup Solutions in Billings, MT

We understand the complexity and sensitivity involved in biohazard cleanup after an accident or worse.

Our AmeriClean team of experts is here to provide comprehensive services to restore safety and peace to your environment. Whether you're dealing with bat guano, a trauma scene, or even the aftermath of hoarding, AmeriClean has the expertise and equipment needed to address these challenges effectively.

Facing a biohazard situation can be overwhelming and distressing. From the health risks associated with bat guano or mice infestations to the emotional toll of a trauma scene, these scenarios require professional attention. AmeriClean is here to offer a helping hand with our specialized biohazard cleanup services. Our team is equipped to handle your concerns with empathy and professionalism. If you're in need of immediate assistance, contact AmeriClean today.

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Understanding Biohazard Cleanup

Biohazard cleanup involves more than just cleaning; it's about ensuring a safe and healthy environment. This process includes disinfection using industry-compliant antimicrobial and biological treatments for bat guano and mice feces & urine removal. This step is essential due to the health risks exposure to hantavirus and histoplasmosis poses. Our services include trauma scene cleanup aftermath trauma cleanup, and offer comprehensive solutions for hoarding cleanup. Facing these challenges alone can be daunting. Reach out to AmeriClean for expert guidance and support.

 How We Work

AmeriClean's Biohazard Cleanup Process

Our process adheres to strict industry standards, starting with an assessment of the site, followed by containment to prevent cross-contamination. Donning protective equipment, we then proceed with the removal and disposal of biohazardous materials. We use advanced cleaning techniques and equipment. Each step is carried out with the utmost care and respect for privacy. For a thorough cleanup that meets regulatory standards, contact AmeriClean.


Step 1

Initial Assessment


Step 2

Team & Site Prep


Step 3

Removal & Decontamination


Step 4

Insurance Assistance

 Your Partner In Sensitive Times

Types of Biohazard Cleanup Services

AmeriClean offers a wide range of biohazard cleanup services:

  • Bat Guano, Pigeon Feces, & Mice Infestation Removal

    Expert removal and disinfection to mitigate health risks.

  • Trauma and Crime Scene Cleanup

    Compassionate and thorough cleaning following unfortunate events.

  • Suicide & Unattended Death Cleanup Services

    Handling sensitive situations with care and respect.

  • Hoarding Cleanup Services

    Restoring homes from clutter and potential biohazards.

For professional assistance with any of these situations, AmeriClean is here to help.

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 Enjoy Peace of Mind

Why choose AmeriClean?

Choosing AmeriClean means opting for peace of mind when facing biohazard challenges. Our expertise, coupled with our high degree of compassionate service, makes us the go-to choice for biohazard cleanup in Billings, MT. Contact AmeriClean today to restore safety and cleanliness to your environment.

For professional biohazard cleanup services that address everything from bat guano removal to crime scene and hoarding cleanup, AmeriClean is your trusted partner. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that your environment is safe and clean. Reach out to us for immediate assistance and expert advice.

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 Prevention Methods

Safety Tips and Preventative Measures for Biohazard Situations

  • Regular Inspection of attics, crawlspaces, and ductwork for bat guano and mice urine & feces

    Close up all openings into your attic, including eves, ventilation devices, and missing trim. It only takes a hole the size of a nickel to admit unwanted critters.

  • Safety Protocols for Trauma Cleanup

    Always use protective gear if you must enter a trauma scene, and avoid direct contact with biohazardous materials.

  • Preventative Measures for Hoarding

    Victims often feel overwhelmed. Encourage regular de-cluttering, offer help, and seek professional assistance if hoarding behavior gets out of control.

For comprehensive cleanup and professional advice, AmeriClean is just a call away.

In-Depth Techniques in Biohazard Cleanup

AmeriClean employs specialized techniques tailored to each type of biohazard cleanup. Our team uses safe and effective disinfectants and follows best practices for biohazard waste disposal. We prioritize your health and safety throughout the cleanup process.

Environmental and Health Considerations of Biohazard Cleanup

Our commitment to environmental and health safety is paramount. AmeriClean uses environmentally safe products and methods to minimize the impact on your health and the environment during the cleanup process.

Navigating Insurance and Claims for Biohazard Cleanup

AmeriClean assists clients in dealing with insurance claims related to biohazard cleanup. We provide detailed documentation and work directly with your insurance company to streamline the claims process.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Biohazard Cleanup


At your earliest convenience, we will dispatch our specialized technicians to begin the cleanup work.

Yes, we do. We will travel as far as necessary to provide you with this highly specialized service.

We are proud to be an IICRC Certified firm with IICRC Certified Technicians. We perform our work strictly in accordance with industry standards.

Generally, we encourage our clients to stay away from the immediate area both for safety and psychological concerns. All contaminated items and surfaces are either removed and destroyed or disinfected and cleaned with appropriate solutions.

We specialize in dealing with Sewer Backups, Accident & Crime Scenes, Unattended Death Sites, Biohazards in Apartment Buildings and Elder Care Facilities, Hoarder Houses, Rodent Feces & Pigeon Excrement, as well as Bat Guano disinfection and removal.

Of course. Most biohazard cleanups are fully covered by insurance.

We protect ourselves, our workers, and the client in accordance with OSHA and all Federal, State, and Local Laws.

We are trained and experienced in this sort of work. Only our best technicians can perform this work, and they volunteer for this work on a case-by-case basis.

While not recommended, if you must make an attempt, wear full protection, including body suits, P100 respirators, and long rubber gloves. Carefully clean all surfaces, keeping the contaminated areas wet with disinfectant spray. Follow disposal regulations.

Do not attempt to clean things up on your own! Please call the professionals who know exactly what and how to properly mitigate the scene. Keep others away from the impacted area.

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 Our Service Area

Disaster Restoration / Remediation & Specialty Cleaning Services in Billings, MT and the surrounding areas

AmeriClean proudly extends its premier specialty cleaning and disaster restoration/remediation services across a large 200-mile radius from our office in Billings, MT. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing specialty services to homes and businesses within this extensive service area, ensuring quality and reliability are never compromised, no matter the distance. This commitment enables us to bring our specialized services directly to your doorstep, reaffirming our pledge to be there for you and with you throughout the process, wherever you are within our reach.

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