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Facing water damage can be overwhelming, but you won’t be alone. AmeriClean understands the urgency and stress of emergency situations. Our skilled professionals are equipped with the knowledge and technology to properly and promptly address your water damage restoration needs. Whether it's a flooded basement or a leaking roof causing distress, AmeriClean contains the damage, cleans and dries your structure and contents quickly. Our goal is to prevent continuing damage from mold and water damage to your structure, materials, and contents. Need water mitigation and restoration services? Contact AmeriClean now for swift and effective solutions.

Understanding Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is an unforeseen event that can disrupt the comfort and safety of your home or business. Understanding the essentials of water damage restoration can reduce your stress by empowering you with the knowledge you need if you face such an emergency. AmeriClean is at the forefront of providing prompt emergency restoration services, including water extraction, dehumidification, disinfection, airflow management, and moisture mapping & tracking services. Our mission is to stop the source of the water intrusion. Then properly treat, dry, and restore the damage, making your property Safe, Clean, and Dry.

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 How We Work

The Water Damage Restoration Process

  • Initial Assessment: Upon arrival, our specialists will listen to your concerns and conduct a hazard assessment followed by a thorough examination of your property to determine the source of the water and the extent of damage. This step is vital for developing a strategic plan of action that addresses your specific situation.
  • Water Extraction: Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, we promptly remove standing water and penetrating moisture. This phase is critical in preventing further damage and reducing the risks for mold and other structural issues to develop.
  • Cleaning & Sanitizing: Water damage leaves behind contaminants that can pose health risks to you and your family. Our team thoroughly cleans and sanitizes the affected areas using EPA-registered disinfectants to ensure a safe environment free from harmful microorganisms.
  • Drying: After water extraction, completely drying the affected area becomes paramount. We use the most advanced equipment, such as dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, suction panels, and air movers, to ensure complete extraction and moisture removal from affected areas such as structural materials, walls, floors, and furniture. This prevents mold and bacterial growth, causing secondary water damage.
  • Documentation: Every step taken and every piece of equipment is continuously monitored for performance, moisture content, and psychrometric measurements are taken and recorded. Photos of the conditions and the loss are taken, and drying logs, communications, and client requests are documented.
  • Insurance Assistance: We prioritize the property owner's needs and concerns ensuring their property is clean, dry, and ready to rebuild to pre-loss condition efficiently. After addressing the immediate needs, AmeriClean assists you with navigating insurance claims and providing documentation and support to help property owners get the proper coverage.

AmeriClean emphasizes communication throughout each phase, ensuring you're informed and comfortable with the ongoing restoration efforts. Our goal is to mitigate the impact of water damage and swiftly return your space to a condition that meets or exceeds its original state.


Step 1

Initial Hazard and Damage Assessment


Step 2

Water Extraction, Cleaning & Sanitizing


Step 3

Thorough Drying


Step 4

Final Cleaning, Documentation, and Insurance Assistance


Types of Water Damage Restoration Services

AmeriClean specializes in a variety of water restoration services:

  • Emergency Water Extraction

    Immediate action to contain the spread of damage and begin the drying process.

  • Flood & Water Damage Restoration

    Comprehensive solutions for any flood-affected area. AmeriClean even provides investigations and solutions for high-humidity areas on your property.

  • Water Damage Clean-Up

    Thorough cleaning and sanitizing of structure and contents after water removal and drying.

  • Water Damage Remediation for Frozen and Burst Pipes

    AmeriClean has experience and expertise in handling winter-related water damage from frozen pipe bursts.

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 Enjoy Peace of Mind

Choose AmeriClean for Expert Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage restoration, AmeriClean stands out with our expertise, experience, and swift response. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unrivaled. Our comprehensive service ensures your property is clean and dry as efficiently as possible so you can get on with your lives. So don't let water damage overwhelm you. Contact AmeriClean today for expert restoration services.

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 Prevention Methods

DIY Tips and Preventative Measures for Water Damage Restoration

While professional help is essential for major water damage, here are some DIY tips and preventative measures you can take to avoid unnecessary water damage and mold:

  • Regular Maintenance

    Frequently inspect and maintain roofing, caulking, weather stripping, and leaking plumbing systems to help keep water out.

  • Be Aware

    High humidity levels can also cause mold and structural damage. Watch for wet or damp areas, clean up all water spills, and ventilate steamy rooms such as showers and kitchens. Don’t stack boxes against exterior walls.

  • Water Detection Devices

    Install inexpensive water detection devices near potential water sources to alert you of leaks as they happen. Protect out-of-sight areas such as behind toilets, laundry machines, under sinks, and on the floor near your water heater.

  • Proper Landscaping

    Make sure your yard slopes away from your foundation so rainwater and snow melt does not come into your home.

Taking these steps can help reduce the risk of water damage and destruction of your property.

In-Depth Techniques in Water Damage Restoration

AmeriClean employs state-of-the-art techniques for effective water & flood damage restoration. Our methods include advanced drying and dehumidification processes, antimicrobial treatments to kill bacteria and other microbial contamination, and specialized equipment for water extraction. These techniques ensure your property is restored efficiently and thoroughly.

Environmental and Health Considerations of Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can have significant environmental and health impacts. AmeriClean prioritizes our equipment, procedures, and products to protect your health and the environment. We are committed to restoring not just your property but also ensuring a healthy living space for you and your loved ones.

Navigating Insurance and Claims for Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with insurance claims can be daunting. AmeriClean assists by providing detailed documentation of the damage and justification of the restoration processes, helping you navigate claims smoothly. Our team works closely with insurance companies to ensure you receive the coverage you deserve.

 Frequently Asked Questions About Water Damage Restoration


We are committed to responding to losses in Billings within an hour of being called.

Yes, we do! We will travel to your location with our premium services.

We maintain a variety of industry certifications for disciplines including water damage, mold remediation, carpet cleaning, fire restoration, and other designations. After being fully certified through Americlean’s Learning Center, we provide our technicians and managers with industry training from the best experts in the world!

Yes! We will perform our services in accordance with our industry’s specifications and guarantee our work complies with these methods. If our methods or workmanship fails, we will make it right!

In accordance with current industry standards, AmeriClean remediates all of the mold to protect your property from the spread of contamination, and then we begin the drying process.

Yes. We will be assisting you with your claim from beginning to end. From initial assessment to providing detailed documentation and direct billing, we aim to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

AmeriClean professionally restores all types of water damage, including condensation damage caused by poor ventilation, freshwater intrusions from outdoors, leakage from plumbing supply lines or laundry and sink drains, and even raw sewage backups!

We don’t stop until your property is dry. We know mold will grow on wet building materials within a couple of days, so our goal is to get you dry before this damaging fungus can even start to infect your property.

Absolutely, we frequently clean daycare properties, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, and even hospitals and health care facilities.

Call us immediately! If possible, stop the source of the water. Then, immediately get your valuable contents, documents, wooden items, etc., out of the water. We’ll take it from there!

To prepare for our visit, please secure any valuables and remove items from the affected area if it's safe to do so. If the water source is within your control, try to stop it to prevent further damage. Provide clear access to the affected areas for our technicians. We will handle the rest, focusing on mitigating damage and starting the restoration process.

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 Our Service Area

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AmeriClean proudly extends its premier specialty cleaning and disaster restoration/remediation services across a large 200-mile radius from our office in Billings, MT. Our knowledgeable team is committed to providing specialty services to homes and businesses within this extensive service area, ensuring quality and reliability are never compromised, no matter the distance. This commitment enables us to bring our specialized services directly to your doorstep, reaffirming our pledge to be there for you and with you throughout the process, wherever you are within our reach.

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